Schedule and routes

What you will need

Not sure what to bring with you for the ride? Below is a list of necessary items and documents that you can print and bring with you to make your ride experience as good as possible:

  • Bike in proper working order / Helmet…etc…
  • Your favorite on-the-bike Food / Drink (we will provide water and bananas at the rest stops)
  • Spare wheels or tube(s)
  • Special tools (we will have a toolkit with all the basic tools)
  • Additional cycling clothing (be prepared for all types of weather, even a complete change of cycling clothes for the 2nd half if you wish), towel
  • Pledge sheet(s) rideform.pdf and cash or cheque donation money

Friday, September 6th, 2019

6 to 9 pm – rider check-in and registration at Mike’s Bike Shop (all 200k riders MUST check-in and register on Friday evening)

Saturday, September 7th, 2019

6:30 to 7:15 am – 200k riders get ready including loading spare wheels, special tools…etc… in designated support vehicles, we will already have a pump, tubes and basic tools in each vehicle

7:15 am – mandatory 200k rider meeting

7:30 am – 200k riders start morning 75k loop (22 to 27 km/h average)

8:45 am – 200k riders start morning 75k loop (over 30 km/h average)

9 to 11:30 am – 125k, 75k and 45k rider check-in and registration at Mike’s Bike Shop

11:45 am – mandatory 200k and 125k riders meeting

11:55 am – cheque presentation group photo

12 pm – 200k and 125k riders start 125k loop

12:45 pm – mandatory 75k and 45k riders meeting

1 pm – 75k and 45k riders start

4 pm – post-ride catered meal and social !! Meal tickets can be purchased on or before September 1st, 2019. All riders and families welcome!!

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The loops

coming soon

125Km (road)

view loop

75Km (road)

view loop

45Km (gravel)

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Contact us

  • Mike's Bike Shop
  • 506.852.7100
  • 506.388.3233
  • Mike LeBlanc
  • 506.854.7291
  • Pablo Vergara
  • 506.830.1220