Fund raising tools

As specified in the registration page, registration is $75 for the first 20 riders to register and $99 after that (your registration includes 1 meal ticket.

You are encouraged to fundraise above and beyond your registration. Remember that the goal is to raise as much money as possible for JDRF. A $1500 Giant bicycles credit (at msrp and must be used at Mike’s Bike Shop) will be drawn for every rider who raises $100 or more (on top of registration). Number of draw ballots increases exponentially the more you raise.

Here are some options that you can use for your fundraising:

OPTION 1 : Face-to-face

Print the following form and solicit family, friends and co-workers for tax-deductible donations.

Remember to tell people that any donation over $20 will get them a receipt for tax purposes.

OPTION 2 : Online donation

If you wish to simply make a donation to our event you can do so by going directly to our Cyclebetes ride fund-raising page.

Follow the simple steps to make a donation (they have a secure server and accept all major credit cards) and help us reach our goals!

Again any donation over $20 made to our event will get you a receipt for tax purposes.

OPTION 3 : Online fundraising

Online fundraising: You can also create your very own online fundraising page here:

Online fundraising

Follow the simple steps to create your page (they have a secure server and accept all major credit cards), set your fundraising goal and then send the link to your friends soliciting donations.

All donors will be emailed their tax receipt.

Contact us

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